Ban on recreational cricket should go: Zak Crawley

We are here to talk about some interesting suggestions reported by Zak Crawley. He says cricket is a sport that can be easily played with all the necessary precautions. It’s time that the government helps to lift the ban on recreational cricket as per English batsmen. 

He feels it is the right time to bring it back to big stadiums. This news report was released by BBC stating ” You can still play cricket easily by social distance”.

It’s time govt releases recreational cricket back to its normal form by lifting the ban says England class batsman Zak Crawley. He also quoted that cricket is a gentleman’s game that can be played with all precautions.

Earlier, PM Boris Johnson informed us that they cannot let recreational cricket be played as cricket balls could make the pandemic cases worse. Zak told BBC that he would like to see that decision be reversed as there are many who would like to play the game with their whole heart.

He also clarified that it’s easy to manage social distance in world cricket as you are not allowed to put saliva on the cricket ball for the shine and you could easily perform it on a community level. 

The young 22-year-old English batsman is part of the 30-member team who are scheduled to play against the West Indies starting July 8th at Southampton. The England and Wales cricket board is all set to host their first series after the pandemic halt.

As per our previous blog report, we have shared the COVID test results. Fortunately, all English staff cleared the test with a negative. Their speedster Jofra Archer will have to undergo one more test as a procedure to join the training campaign.

Zak is aware that he will have to perform exceptionally well to find a place in the top order of the world champion batting lineup. 

He quoted that it is very exciting to be a part of the team and reminds him of the Australian team of the early 2000s where many outstanding players didn’t get a chance to prove their part due to highly talented competitors inside the team.

We are a complete package with a batting, bowling, and fielding line up and this makes us work harder and smarter to earn our ticket for playing eleven. 

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