Australia vs Pakistan: Former Pakistan Captain Unhappy With The Pitch Of First Test

After 28 years, Australia has come to play on Pakistani soil. No cricket fan can be happy with the pitch that was arranged for them in the first Test. In five days, the two teams scored 1.18 runs. Former Pakistan captain Shahid Afridi thinks his country did not want to lose, which is why they made such a pitch.

Pakistan made 476 runs in the first innings. Counter Australia makes 459. It was then that it was understood that this match would be a draw. Pakistan made 252 in the second innings. Imam-ul-Haq scored a century in both innings.

Experts say there was almost nothing for the bowlers on the pitch. “They think of Australia,” Afridi said. “They just thought, ‘This match is not going to be lost.’ The following two Tests are in Lahore and Karachi. There needs to be a good pitch made. You have to take advantage of playing at home. Otherwise, when you go to Australia, you will have many problems. “

Australian captain Pat Cummins also raised questions about the pitch. “It’s not the usual pitch in Rawalpindi,” he said. On the fourth day, Australian batsman Steve Smith declared the pitch dead.

However, the Pakistan Cricket Board feels that the ICC will not take any action on the Rawalpindi pitch. However, match referee Ranjan Madugalle is expected to complain that he is not fit for the pitch test. PCB sources do not think so. “The ICC only takes action when Test cricket becomes impossible,” a PCB source said.

In 2016, the pitch of the South African Wonders was called bad. That pitch became terrible for the batsmen there. The Pakistani media thinks the ICC may have to think about the Rawalpindi pitch, as only 11 wickets fell in the first four days.

This cricket stadium will get three demerit points if the match referee gives a bad name to this pitch. If a stadium gets five demerit points in five years, it will not be able to host any international matches for 12 months.

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