This disease of narrow-mindedness, hurting, and letting one’s morale down is the one that seems even disastrous than the ongoing Covid-19. That’s just because for the destruction of this pandemic virus, several scientists from several countries are working day to night but for the parasite that has infected the minds of some people, who will pluck it out and burn it away? That must be ended by the ones who have it. More or less, that’s going to affect the practitioners of such things, cause’ no boomerang is faster than that of ‘Karma’.

Jasprit and Siraj Stand Super Strong!

Two of the Border-Gavaskar Trophy Test matches have been finalized formally and gracefully admitting the wins and defeats since that is part of a game. But in the third test match, there was done racial abuse to two prominent and most-loved players, Jasprit Bumrah and Mohammad Siraj by a bunch of people specifically Australian spectators who were seated in the lower section of the grandstand. The first time it happened, players did not pay heed to it because they wanted to carry on the match and not become distracted by the bullying.

Ravi Ashwin Breaks Silence!

All-rounder Ashwin spoke up after the match that it is his fourth tour of Australia with the team this is not something new that has been faced by any of the players it has happened before too, he stressed when he came to Sydney first, he didn’t even have the slightest clue what racial discrimination and abuse was. 

You can watch the full video of Ashwin’s view on this happening, here,

The Captain of the Men in Blue, Virat Kohli, tweeted about what his team members had to face in his absence,

While some of the fans have tweeted on the behalf of Kohli to the bullies,

It breaks the hearts of the fans when Mohammad Siraj was called a ‘Brown Dog’ and ‘Big Monkey’ but Strong Siraj is not someone who is fragile or tender, he is a wrestler, Siraj directly went to the square leg-umpire, and the game was stopped for about ten minutes to take a serious step against the culprits and to the surprise of the ones who abused him, NSW (New South Wales) Police came and took them straight in their remand. 

Also, Tim Paine who sledged Ashwin in the third test match apologized to him for his act on the last day of the match. 

Whatever be the situation, we just want our players to know that we love❤ and respect them and they’ll always be our heroes and we stand strength fully with them. Send your power ????????to the players of India through the comments section (That’s how the Universe works!)

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