After MSD He Is The Best Skipper Of IPL: Virendra Sehwag

IPL has finally begun and now after more than five months of boredom, everyone is caught up in the games. All the games so far have been just amazing to watch. The fans are just as supportive as they have been over the years. 

Virendra Sehwag, who has played the IPL with Delhi and Punjab opened up about who he thinks is the best skipper after MSD. Let’s find out who the man is! 

Best Skipper After MSD: Virendra Sehwag 

Sehwag said that after watching the few games that have taken place in IPL season 13 so far, he already knows who the best skipper after Mahi is. He said that looking at the match that took place between KKR and MI we witnessed two different captaincies, one of which flourished. 

After MSD He Is The Best Skipper Of IPL: Virendra Sehwag
After MSD He Is The Best Skipper Of IPL: Virendra Sehwag

He said that he would rate Mahi’s captaincy 4/10 for the game against RR. Although he praised Rohit Sharma on his skills against Kolkata Knight Riders. Our Viru paji said that he has always been saying that Rohit is the best skipper after Mahi in this game. 

Viru paji was quite impressed with Rohit’s immediate and accurate decisions about the bowling changes. The way he used Keiron Pollard against Nitish Rana and Dinesh Karthik were commendable. If it were anyone other than Rohit would’ve chosen Krunal Pandya instead of Pollard and that would’ve been KKR’s big over. 

However, Rohit took the adequate decision and brought Pollard into the attack and he did the job pretty well. Normally Pollard is hit for more than twenty runs but that day things were different. 

Ajay Jadeja’s Views About The Same 

Former Indian batsman Ajay Jadeja walked on Sehwag’s views. He said that the way Rohit Sharma managed to keep Sunil Narine quiet by using his best bowling attack was just outstanding. On the other hand, DK kept Pat Cummins reserved. 

This is how the captaincies differ and matter a lot. Jadeja went on to say that he finds Rohit Sharma pretty similar to Dhoni and it’s great. 


Rohit Sharma is. According to our Viru paji and Ajay Jadeja, it is Rohit Sharma who they think is the best skipper after Mahi. Well, after looking at their reasoning there is no room for denial. Nonetheless, more IPL awaits us, there’s much more to come. Get notified from us for more updates!

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