300 Big Hits In T20 Format: MS became the Third Indian

Indian Cricket is on then peek now, every cricket lover is now the expert. Under the guidance of good cricketers like Dhoni, Dravid and Ganguly, and many more, youngsters are getting trained well. Ganguly is now the head of BCCI. 

Many records have been set on board, some players are scoring the fastest half-century, and some are getting the fastest century but all of this started in the year 2007 when the young captain lifted the maiden T20 world cup. 

Many players got inspired by him and after 28 years Indians had their second World Cup in their vault and won the tag of champions after having the Champions trophy.

The man who did all this was MS Dhoni. Many players are setting and breaking records but when it comes to players like Dhoni no one can beat him. 

Today we will comprehend the new record that Mahi going to set, he will be the third Indian to hit 300 sixes. 

Dhoni on the way of 300

After the Match with Rajasthan Royals, Super Kings faced their first loss in IPL. Royals defended their score well but in the last over by Tom Curran who was bowling well, tried his best to defend runs in the last over but Dhoni smashed three consecutive sixes. 

After those sixes, Dhoni is on the way to setting the record of 300 sixes. Dhoni will be the third Indian to do so after Rohit Sharma hit 361 and Suresh Raina hits 311. After the criticism, he received from the audience for not batting at no. 4 the super king’s coach defended him.

After batting with Mumbai Indians, Dhoni batted after 495 days at that time, after not batting for such a long time it is very difficult to pick the balls and put scores on board. Still, after hitting three consecutive sixes, people thought he was back with his game, but things take time. 

Dhoni is trying some variations, if they lose some matches or variations don’t work, he will be back on top orders. He is trying his best to back his team, the quarantine period didn’t go well with Super Kings.

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